I wish to thank all or patrons for following YankeeArtifacts and your support over the years, but as God closes one door he opens another, so with that said we will be closed for a month or six weeks while we move to another location in Westboro Mass. We will be back with more new and interesting items, again all of us at YankeeArtifacts appreciate all of your patronage, The Old Yankee! See shipping details on the Buying page.

We have been out straight bringing in new items, and there are more arriving daily!

Welcome to Yankee Artifacts, home of Phil, the Old Yankee. The Old Yankee is a long time resident of New England, still living in the small town he was born it. Unlike many of the necomers to his state, he still subscribes to traditional values and beleives in personal responsibility.

The Old Yankee is a trader in various artifacts of New England (and other places), and has a story to go with everything.  Browse the collections and check the stories.  If you are looking for a specific item, you can search for it or email the Old Yankee.

Today's Lesson from the Great Outdoors:
Hunting Woodchuck

The wily woodchuck is an inoffensive yet challenging target. While normally harmless, the woodchuck can become dangerous when aroused. It is frequently hunted at ranges of 200-400 yards. Although many people believe that this is because they are shy and easily frightened, quickly disappearing into their burrows, experienced hunters know that the extended range is for personal safety. It is critical to move cautiously when encountering groups of woodchucks, as they are known to engage in cooperative behavior and react explosively.

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Yankee Artifacts is the online presence of the Old Yankee.  Like the Old Yankee himself, it will change over time.  In some cases, this may even be an improvement!

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