As the old saying goes, "stuff happens".  It happens to everyone!  Well, to be perfectly honest, it happens to the Old Yankee much more than other people.  Some people have called the Old Yankee the Tim Taylor (star of the TV show Home Improvement) of the NorthEast.  Others maintain that he is even more accident prone.

One of the Old Yankee's friends is a geek in the high technology industry.  He has helped the Old Yankee to move (kicking and screaming) into the 20th century, and has hopes of eventually bringing him into the 21st century.  Needless to say, the geek has made life hell for the Old Yankee, and there is a certain "dynamic tension" between the two.  The only thing worse than having accidents is having a friend like the Geek, who has a twisted mind, a digital camera, a lot of software and no trace of human decency...

Here are stories of the trials and tribulations of the Old Yankee, largely as told by the Geek -- a saga of luxury vehicles, forklifts, bloodshed, suicidal rodents and more.  Any connection between these stories and reality is disavowed and will be corrected as soon as it is pointed out!

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